Single-sided attachment door panel


The advantages of Güwa's attachment panels:

  • Very easy and quick installation (in operation or on site)
  • Subsequent glass replacement / replacement possible on site
  • Completely thermally separated design (reduces door distortion)
  • Hinged rear panel (enough space for electronics / retrofit on site is possible)
  • Durable mechanical screw connection (no complicated bonding with long drying times and contamination of the profile wings)
  • Installation on the construction site / replacement of the decorative panel on site
  • Best possible thermal insulation (certified passive house front door with and without insulating glazing in PVC)
  • Increased protection against burglary (invisible screw connection with the profile wing)
  • Massive 10 mm thick decorative panels (handle position freely configurable)
  • Resistant and weather-resistant stone / resin acrylic surface in three different versions (Struktura, Setana or Splendora surface)
  • Excellent sound insulation (increases the comfort of living)
  • First and only tested and certified fire door in PVC
  • Door panels = more beautiful and sophisticated design variant (the profile wing is not visible / no black "mourning and grunge edge")
  • Infill door panel = ideal solution in the "old building" (looks more generous)
  • Individual special wishes in form and color (series from 1 piece)
  • Endless design options for side panels

Of course, all models are available as single-sided or double-sided attachment panels as well as decorative infill panel.

Outside Single-sided attachment door panel

Inside Single-sided attachment door panel - motif as outside

Exterior Single-sided attachment door panel

Interior Single-sided attachment door panel

Cross section using the example of a PVC front door